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Service Excellence

Champion Frame-Align Inc. is proud of our nationwide reputation for solving suspension, alignment and steering-related issues, which have stumped others, on recreational vehicles, trucks, trailers and cars.

Since 1972, our goal has been excellence in repairing, rebuilding or upgrading suspension, handling and steering systems. We also repair and rebuild air conditioning components and systems.

We have often found the solution where other service providers have been stumped or unable to solve the problem. If you are tired of hearing how your suspension, alignment, or steering related issue cannot be fixed, we can help.

Many of our regular customers drive hundreds of miles to have their RVs aligned or suspension serviced to insure optimum handling, ride and safety.


Respect for customers respected by our peers
Certified technicians, nationwide support
Knowledgeable service on the #1 chassis
Fleet of Work Vans — suspension repair in Elgin, IL