Making sure your truck or van is properly aligned is the most critical maintenance activity. An improperly aligned vehicle will wander down the highway, steer hard at slow speeds, wear tires prematurely and unevenly, waste fuel and cause driver fatigue.
Aligning a medium-duty truck is not like aligning a car. Most trucks have complicated steering and suspension systems. Many have tag axles or at least four tires on the rear axle. With more than 180 combined years of technician experience and truck-sized alignment equipment, Champion Frame-Align Inc. is the premier performance-enhancing alignment facility in North America.

Beyond alignment, our expertise encompasses ways to solve steering issues, upgrade under-rated shocks and tame the wildest suspensions. We repair or rebuild new, used and damaged undercarriage components to insure years of carefree, comfortable and safe use of your truck or van.
Truck Gear alignment — tire repair in Elgin, IL
Contact us by e-mail or call with your vehicle’s make, model, year and a description of its worst handling characteristics. We’ll send you our recommendation to improve performance.