Making sure your emergency vehicle is properly aligned is the one activity that will maximize tire life and vehicle steering performance. An improperly aligned vehicle will wander down the highway, steer hard at slow speeds, wear tires prematurely and unevenly, waste fuel and cause driver fatigue.
Aligning emergency vehicles is not like aligning a passenger car. Fire trucks have complicated steering and suspension systems. Some are articulated, with steering wheels in the back as well as front. All have heavy-duty suspension components requiring completely different alignment apparatus and expertise. Champion Frame-Align Inc. has both the equipment and the experience to work on these systems.

Many ambulances and Emergency Medical Response (EMT) trucks have tag axles or at least four tires on the rear axle. They are built on oversize chassis requiring a facility capable of holding them rigidly in place while aligning.

Tire balance is a critical component of vehicle alignment. As one of the few service facilities in North America that can balance a tire and wheel while it is installed on an emergency vehicle, Champion Frame-Align Inc. has removed many variables from the alignment process.
Man Repairing tire alignment — tire repair in Elgin, IL
More than 180 years of cumulative technician experience, coupled with our truck-sized alignment equipment, make us the premier performance-enhancing alignment facility in North America.
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