Champion Frame-Align Inc. specializes in steer axle and drive axle alignment for Class 7 and 8 tractors as well as tandem axle alignment for tractor trailers. An improperly aligned vehicle will scrub the tires causing premature and uneven wear, excessive suspension wear, wasted fuel and tired drivers.
Excessive full turn toe out on steer axles can be corrected with an "Alpha Kit"—a specially designed after market bolt-on that improves vehicle turning radius, extends wear on axle and steering components as well as prolonging tire life up to 50%.

Aligning a heavy-duty truck is not like aligning a car. More than 180 years of cumulative technician experience, coupled with truck-sized alignment equipment, make Champion Frame-Align Inc. the premier performance—enhancing alignment facility in North America.

Our garage is sized to accommodate the largest trailers. Our alignment apparatus employs laser-guided positioning to the kingpin to ensure the trailer tracks true. We align steer axles on tractors, then align the drive axles to match the tracking of the steer wheels.
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Beyond alignment, our expertise encompasses ways to repair and rebuild complete suspensions, straighten frames, make axle corrections on steer axles up to 18 tons and balance wheels while still on the tractor.
Call 847-742-9294 or email us with your vehicle’s make, model, year and a description of its worst handling characteristics. We’ll send you our recommendation to improve performance.