An improperly aligned bus will steer hard at slow speeds, wear tires unevenly, waste fuel and cause driver fatigue. If the bus is being "re-purposed" as a recreational vehicle, improper alignment will cause the driver to "fight the wheel" trying to keep the vehicle in its own traffic lane.
Aligning a bus is not like aligning a car. Many buses are built on a truck chassis, and have complicated steering and suspension systems. More than 180 years of cumulative technician experience, coupled with truck-sized alignment equipment, make Champion Frame-Align Inc. the right place to solve whatever alignment issues arise on your bus/RV.

Our expertise encompasses ways to solve steering issues, upgrade under-rated shocks and springs and tame the wildest suspensions. Our garage is sized to accommodate the largest buses. Our alignment apparatus employs laser-guided positioning.
Bus headlight — tire repair in Elgin, IL
Call 847-742-9294 or email with your buses’ make, model, year and a description of its worst handling characteristics. We’ll send you our recommendation and proposal to improve performance.