In particular SUV's (Sport Utility Vehicles) create complex issues for alignment shops. Neither a truck nor a car nor a van offer the complexity of aligning these 4 x 4 vehicles. This can stretch the limits of training and experience of many vehicle repair facilities and personnel.

With over 180 years of vehicle service and alignment experience, we have perfected the use of our truck-sized apparatus on these vehicles, compensating for the intricacies and sophistication of electronically controlled load leveling, full-time AWD and oversized tires.

Many car owners have their towing vehicles regularly aligned at Champion Frame-Align Inc., as well as their trailers. They understand how the two vehicles must work in unison, and recognize our expertise encompasses ways to solve steering issues, upgrade under-rated shocks and springs and tame the wildest suspensions.
Repairing Aligment Gear — tire repair in Elgin, IL
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