Do your brakes fade (continue all the way to the floor when you press the pedal) and still not stop your vehicle? Do they pulsate when applied, or squeal loudly?
Does it seem to take longer to stop that it did when your vehicle was new?
Each of these symptoms can indicate a major (or a minor) problem with your vehicle's brakes.

Pulsating brakes might mean a warped rotor, or an out-of-round drum. Squealing is frequently caused by rust on the drum, the pads, or the rotor if disc brakes are installed. Fading brakes could be mechanical problems or hydraulic.
RV Brakes — tire repair in Elgin, IL
Champion Frame-Align Inc. services both hydraulic and air brake systems as well as the parking brake for your RV.

One sure way to avoid some of these issues is to move your motor home or RV at least once a month when stored. Drive it some distance, and use the brakes several times to keep the rust off the braking surfaces. Even driving it forward and/or back a few inches will cause the brake surfaces to rub against each other, partially cleaning them.

Whatever symptom you are experiencing, bring your vehicle to Champion Frame-Align Inc.. Our service bays are built with the extra height and width necessary for complete undercarriage access, permitting our ASE certified technicians to easily evaluate and recommend a solution that will keep your RV or motor home safe, reliable and a pleasure to drive.
If you are having brake issues email or call 847-742-9294 describing your symptoms. Be sure to include your vehicle year, make, and model. We'll get right back with you with recommendations on what will work best for you.