Every vehicle design is a study in compromise. Engineers have to choose between superior performance at higher cost and adequate performance at lower cost. Many times performance suffers.
Not all RVs and motor homes fit this model, but many do. Shock absorbers that are inadequately rated for the severe duty experienced in RV service may begin to exhibit body roll when cornering or navigating curvy roads.

Replacing these tired shocks with new gas-filled, heavy-duty shock absorbers can restore some performance, but may not completely resolve the problem. Our experience at Champion Frame-Align Inc. is that tired shocks are just a symptom of larger, more severe suspension issues.
Red Shocks — tire repair in Elgin, IL
Fortunately, we have solved many suspension problems for a wide range of RVs, motor homes and trailers. E-mail George@championframe.com or call 847-742-9294 explaining your concerns about your vehicle’s handling. We’ll be happy to respond with more questions or our educated evaluation of possible improvements.