Emergency vehicles sit in their garages until called to an emergency. Then, they must respond immediately and completely. Unfortunately, this takes a toll on suspension components like springs and shocks. If your emergency vehicle no longer sits level, sags when cornering, or dips at the curb, your springs may need replacement.
Two critical measurements Champion Frame-Align Inc. checks on all emergency vehicles brought in for evaluation or service are ride height and axle weights (both front and rear). Ride height is the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation for how high a vehicle should sit off the ground. Generally, vehicles sag below the specifications over a period of time and mileage. Improper ride height can affect alignment, handling and tire life.

Knowing the weight of your emergency vehicle at each corner tells us whether you have a spring problem, or a loading problem. We don’t just estimate your vehicle’s weight, we actually weigh each corner to help us determine the proper spring selection.

Emergency vehicles with worn springs are a danger to more than the driver and rider(s). Bring it to us for your next maintenance cycle for a thorough evaluation of the steering, suspension and spring systems. It takes an expert to evaluate all of a vehicle’s trouble signs and develop an appropriate solution.
Vehicle Spring — tire repair in Elgin, IL
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