Closely tied to a vehicle’s steering performance, the suspension systems employed on many emergency vehicles are under-rated right from the factory. Vehicle makers purchase completely assembled chassis from the major vehicle manufacturers. Unfortunately, the designers of these chassis don’t always know the type, size or weight vehicle that will be built on them.
Compounding that issue is the additional weight of supplies, fire-fighting equipment, protective gear, etc.

When we evaluate a vehicle’s suspension performance, we weigh each corner, measure ride-height and check tires for uneven wear.

Of course, even the best suspension systems can begin to wear after years of dependable service. If cornering at highway speeds is difficult, or your emergency vehicle drags over curbs, driveways or inclines, it is probably overdue for a Champion Frame-Align Inc. suspension evaluation.
Suspension — tire repair in Elgin, IL
We can replace worn shocks with the finest gas-filled shock absorbers. Bolt-on sway bars can reduce vehicle sway and improve handling during aggressive driving maneuvers. Specially designed coil springs replace troublesome air bags, restoring vehicle ride-height—a critical factor in vehicle control—in the process.

By upgrading factory-installed suspension components with suspension systems that adjust to road conditions, your emergency vehicle will experience improved stability under loaded and unloaded conditions.
Reach out to us by calling 847-742-9294 or email with your vehicle’s make, model, year and a description of its worst handling characteristics. We’ll send you our recommendation to improve performance.