Tire choice is a critical decision for RV owners. Improper tire selection can cost you money, reduce ride comfort and impair stopping power. You want, and need, tire performance and dependability that will bring out the best in your vehicle—on the interstate, on the back roads, on the beach, even off-road.
Champion Frame-Align Inc. searches the catalogs of tire manufacturers and selects the brands and models of tires that deliver performance and dependability. Each tire we recommend delivers these critical characteristics:

a) reliable traction
b) durable tread life
c) protection against premature aging
d) low rolling resistance

Because many recreational vehicles see limited duty cycles, tires can be affected by ozone in the atmosphere, causing them to prematurely age. Sidewall cracking is a serious tire problem for all RVs. Champion Frame-Align Inc. has done the research to identify tires with the necessary additives to protect against cracking, so you don’t have to.
RV Tires — tire repair in Elgin, IL
The severe duty cycle of RV tires requires them to have just the right compound for long tread life, yet remain pliable enough for superior traction. Sometimes, different tires are recommended for drive wheels than for the steer wheels. Our experienced consultants will match the tire performance to your vehicle usage.
E-mail George@championframe.com or call 847-742-9294 with your RV’s year, make, model and usage pattern. Include your exact tire size, and load range, and we’ll send you our recommendation to install the proper tires on your RV.