Tire choice is a critical decision for municipalities and companies providing emergency services. Improper tire selection will cost you money, increase downtime, reduce vehicle stability and impair stopping power. Emergency vehicles have unique tire requirements beyond maximizing vehicle usage and minimizing maintenance costs.
We search the catalogs of tire manufacturers and select only the brands and models of tires which deliver performance and dependability. When Champion Frame-Align Inc. recommends a tire, we strive to ensure it exhibits as many of these critical characteristics as possible:

a) reliable traction
b) durable tread life
c) protection against premature aging
d) low rolling resistance

Champion Frame-Align Inc.’s experienced consultants will match the tire performance to your emergency vehicle usage and location. High-speed city driving requires different tire characteristics than high-speed country or highway driving.
Man auto repair — tire repair in Elgin, IL
Contact us by e-mail at George@championframe.com or call 847-742-9294 with your emergency vehicle’s make, model, year and average calls-per-day. Include your current tire size, and load range, and we’ll send you our recommendation.